All sessions include full print release, plus a password-protected viewing gallery of my favorite images.




Who doesn’t appreciate straight forward pricing without hidden packages? If you’re trying to combine sessions, I’m happy to customize a package for you. Here’s what to expect:

Photography Packages:

  • 30 minutes / Headshot, Mini Family Session: $200-350

  • 60 minutes / Typical Grad, Family Session: $450

  • 75 minutes / Fashion/Grad Session: $525

  • 75 minutes / Extended Family Session, Events: $600

  • Corporate concept and personal branding: Please contact me for hourly and 1/2 day rates.

Other perks:

  • Unlimited clothing changes

  • Download access to favorite images from my website (up to 30 days)

  • Flash drive with all images for $50

  • Photo edits with light touch up usually are $10-$20/each



What do I wear? (family, extended family, professional head shots, senior sessions)

My style of photography is casual and comfortable. However, you will want to wear what fits your personality. If you love fashion, play this up! If you are more formal, then best to be dressed up. If you want to be timeless, no problem, go with the basics and embrace simplicity.

A few suggestions on what NOT to do:

  • Avoid wearing too much white. Your teeth will never look as white as an all white shirt. When looking at a photograph, your eye goes to white first, and unless you want your cute white shirt or pants to be what is seen first, I’d avoid bright white. It works well in person, but not so well in a still frame.

  • In a senior session, avoid wearing too many things with bare shoulders. A lot of what I shoot is angled and cropped. It’s best to have a variety of neck lines so it doesn’t all look the same (spaghetti strap tank will shoot the same as an off the shoulder dress).

  • Avoid wearing turtlenecks or big scarves wrapped tightly around your neck. You want to avoid looking like a head propped on top of a body.

  • Avoid AVOID please AVOID dressing too much alike. I’d recommend wearing complimentary colors, but not everyone in the same color shade. This would never happen in real life!

Having said this, I’ve had some of my favorite people show up and break all of my suggested rules above.  It’s you, and that’s what will be captured.

Here are a few suggestions to make it easier:

  • Layers are great!

  • Denim is always safe.

  • Pick a complimentary color palette and run with it. It could also be just one color in a full range of tones with different patterns and textures, as long as one color is consistent.

  • Ideally, the combination should be subtle in a family session. Someone may not know exactly why it works so well, but it does.

Where do we shoot?

I live in Shoreview and have favorite nearby locations. I shoot a lot in Northeast Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. Are you urban, rural or a combination? Would you cringe to have people walking past us during our session? Some love the exposure and it can make others crumble with terror. I’m happy to select a location and keep in mind the weather may play a role. I usually confirm location a few days in advance.

What if the weather is bad?

I shoot on location and use natural light. I’ve regretted putting too much faith in a weather forecast, but sometimes it’s obvious and we may need to reschedule. However, some of the most challenging elements have created incredible images. The best lighting can be found on a hazy humid summer day or a crisp snowy winter day. I’ve also shot under an overpass during a thunderstorm. We will consider the factors and make a plan that works for both of us.

How far in advance do we need to schedule a photo shoot?

My shooting tends to be seasonal. The busiest time is late summer and early fall. I’d recommend contacting me when you know you’d like to schedule a session and I’ll “pencil” you in for a particular week. I hate the NFL and have no problem “working” with people on the weekends. If you need a specific day or a specific time, let me know and I’ll work with you. I usually contact and confirm sessions a few days in advance with exact details on timing and location.

Where should I go for reprints and enlargements?

If you are comfortable printing on your own, I’d recommend a lab with the ability to turn off auto correction (such as Costco and National Camera Exchange). I’m happy to help with print orders!

LaPanta Photography is not liable for print quality, cropping or coloring of any photos not printed through me.

Do I need a copyright release?

If you have any problem, please reference this link: 

LaPanta Photography provides licensed copies of all images to be printed in all formats and available to all clients.

Upon agreement of a session, you thereby grant LaPanta Photography the right to use and publish images taken at the time of your session for further promotion of LaPanta Photography, including: Portfolio, Website, Display and advertisement of all sorts. LaPanta Photography reserves all copyrights to the images.

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